girls level i

1 x / Week

2girls level II

1 x/ Week


girls level III

2 x/ Week

girls LEVEL IV

2 x/ Week

girls Level v

1 x/ Week

BOYS level i

1 x / Week

boys level II

1 x/ Week


boys level III

2 x/ Week


2 x/ Week

boys Level v

1 x/ Week


Our Program

Momentum’s Tumbling Program is designed to develop the athlete. Our classes are for boys and girls ages 4-15. Our Level I Tumbling classes focus on tumbling basics such as cartwheels, round offs, bridges, handstands, handstand drills, front handsprings, kick-overs and back handsprings in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Students will also be working on their flexibility and strength to make the tumbling skills easier.

Our Level 2 & 3 Tumbling classes are for athletes who have improved on their basics but aren’t done learning yet! This class builds off of what they have already learned and continue to challenge the athlete to get better and higher skills! They are working on making their standing back handspring by themselves, round off back handsprings, front handsprings and continue working on their round off and shaping drills.

Our advanced tumbling classes challenge athletes to master advanced tumbling skills such as back tucks, front tucks, aerials and series tumbling. This class works lots of drills to make learning their flight skills easier; tucks, layouts, pikes and half’s!

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Advanced Technology 

& Equipment

Our Crossroads location was designed specifically for cheer, tumbling and NINJAgility. Our Momentum parents enjoy watching their kids tumble, cheer, or conquer the warp wall from our video equipped app. 

Tumbling Coaches

C.A. Sears - Developmental Cheer and Tumble Manager

C.A. cheered for Reinhardt University in Waleska GA from 2001-2004 and started coaching as junior in college at Ravens Elite Training Center in Canton then for Canton Gymnastics Academy. C.A. moved to CO and coached at Peak Athletics in Highlands Ranch for 6 years as a team and class coach and then as Rec Cheer and Tumble Manager. While at Peak, she also coached one season with Legend High School as an interim Head Coach (2015) when they placed 5th at State and 10th in the Nation for their Co-Ed division at Nationals.

Throughout her years of coaching, C.A. has held Levels 1-5 Credentials, coached all ages and levels of classes and Allstar teams, and done choreography for high school and Allstar teams. She cheered on Open Level 6 for Force Allstars out of Stone Mountain GA and in 2008, stepped in as an alternate for Cheersport Atlanta on an International Level 4 team. Her last team appearance was with Peak Athletics Co-ed Level 5 in 2015 where she made the team and 3 weeks later, tore her quad. Coaching seems to be something she can never hang up and we are excited and lucky to have her be a part of the Momentum Family!

Seth  - Cheer and Tumbling Coach

Seth started his cheerleading career when he was in high school in a small town in Missouri. He was not only the first male cheerleader at his school, but in the entire conference. From there he went on the cheer at the collegiate level at the University Of Missouri. Coach Seth realized that cheerleading and teaching were his passion early on and he has been coaching cheer since he was 16. While in college Seth started coaching a high school team and working at Judevine Center for Autism with children as a behavioral therapist assistant. Seth’s work with Varsity Spirit Corporation early in his career gave him the opportunity to coach in Korea, Nigeria, and China growing the sport of cheerleading. 

Coach Seth is so excited to bring his passion and experience to Momentum. He is a strong believer in not only making children good athletes, but good people. He believes in empathy, discipline, and constant encouragement to help his athletes reach their full potential. 

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  • Tuition is due in advance on the 1st of every month. If tuition is not paid by the 15th of the month a $17 late fee will be       applied, AND the child may be dropped from the class at the Momentum’s discretion.
  • There are no make-up classes offered for absences unless Momentum cancels the class (gym holidays and closures          not included).
  • All classes require 30 day written notice to cancel.
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