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Make cheer a foundation for the rest of their lives.
Our goal is that each child, regardless of ability, will have a positive experience learning new things.  Laughter and friends are a big part of creating this positive experience.

Cheer 101

This class is designed to introduce to anyone the fundamentals of cheerleading. No prior skills needed to join! Athletes will focus on jumping, stunting, some aspects of tumbling, cheer and dances. This class is best recommended paired with a tumbling class.

Cheer 102

This class is designed to expand on the fundamentals of cheerleading. Athletes must complete Cheer 101 in order to take Cheer 102. An evaluation is also possible to place new athletes in Cheer 102.

Mini Cheer 101

This class is designed to introduce the fundamentals of cheerleading to our youngest athletes. Designed specifically for ages 4-6, athletes will learn the fundamentals of jumping, stunting, tumbling, motion, formation work, and performance aspects. In order to move on to Prep Cheer I, they must be at least 6 years old and demonstrate the following skills:

  • Forward roll
  • Backward roll
  • 10 second bridge
  • Straight jump w/ jump prep
  • Thigh level stunt
  • 8 count cheer/dance”

Prerequisite:  Ages 4-6

High School Prep

High School Prep: This class is designed to prepare athletes for either high school cheer or All-Star Competition cheer through the instruction of jumps, stunting, some aspects of tumbling, cheers, chants, and dances. This class will also incorporate mock tryouts to help athletes prepare! If class participation falls in the tryout season and an athlete wants to bring their cheer and dance material, they will have the opportunity to use this class to fine-tune it with the coach. This class is best recommended paired with a tumbling class.

Prerequisite: 12+ or in 6th grade (middle school) or higher

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We love Momentum! Both of my daughters are in their All Star cheer program. The coaches are caring while also leading their athletes to progress in their skills. I have seen my daughters’ confidence grow exponentially. If you’re looking for a gym that makes you feel like family, this is it.

Missy Crabbe
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