About Us

 Why does Momentum exist?

Because we passionately believe that children who learn a love of sport and an active lifestyle from selfless adult mentors are gifted with special advantages which help them live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

This is the “momentum” we hope to leave with your children!


Leverage the inherent passion of youth athletics and activities to deliver critical lessons to children and employees that will serve them to live happier, more productive and fulfilling lives.

Core Values

  • Integrity, always
  • Positivity beats negativity (Love Wins!)
  • Welcome Failure
  • Don’t get Comfortable
  • Learn something new every day
  • High Expectations feed us. Challenge ourselves to be better
  • With, and for Others. We are in this together!

Guiding Principles

  • Physical and Emotional Safety are our Top Priorities
  • The only thing better than helping a child, is to helping many!
  • We are dedicated to the growth of EVERY child and employee
  • Every day we are committed to building positive behaviors for a healthy happy life
  • All our programs will be delivered with the highest level of expertise
  • Encourage children and employees to reach beyond what is comfortable with open minds and hearts
  • Winning is important, but we will always strive to win (and lose) the right way
  • Mentor our principles Unselfishly

Our Principles in Action

  • We will provide the safest possible environment for children and employees
  • We will seek and implement the best training available for our employees
  • We will support every child in leveraging the full extent of their ability and passion
  • We embrace failure and the growth these mistakes motivate
  • We will respect everyone in our thoughts, words, and actions
  • We will always trust that everyone has the best of intentions, until proven otherwise
  • We will push ourselves to perpetually grow and innovate
  • We understand that our professional lives exist to supplement our personal lives

Our Philosophy

Momentum Athletic Center serves over 1000 athletes ranging from ages 0 to 18 years old. Every parent has dreams for their children. Every child has dreams for themselves. It is our philosophy that kids come first and every child is treated and met at their level. Our “Momentum Culture” is the backbone of our business and what sets us apart from other gyms. Our goal is to instill the love of activity and to build confidence and life skills which children can use in their future.  We commit to our customers that we can and will dedicate ourselves to providing an environment where their children will have the opportunity to explore every ounce of their passions and abilities.

A Love For
Our Local Community

We have lived in Parker since 2003. Our children have grown up here. Through Momentum we feel a deep connection to the people of Parker. We deeply wish to provide a service that helps future generations of children grow in to wonderful, healthy and happy adults. Most of our community involvement in Parker has revolved around our two children. Marlene has worked tirelessly and for years to support the local school where our children grew up. Kevin has coached youth football, basketball and lacrosse with Parker Rec, Parker Hawks and Parker Core Knowledge Charter School.  He has also coached basketball as an assistant coach at Regis Jesuit HS and served on the PCK Board of Directors from 2016-2018 while Marlene served on The Foundation at PCK for nearly a decade.

An image of Momentum Athletic Center located at 18499 Longs Way in a commercial business park. The building is a modern, single-story structure with a large parking lot in front. The entrance has a glass facade and a sign above it that reads 'Momentum Athletic Center'. The surrounding area is populated with other commercial buildings and offices.

Our History

Momentum started as an act of passion in June of 2016 with 30 little gymnasts and their families. We felt that youth activities, especially youth sports should be about the children and their development, not the egos of coaches and parents. Children learn best when they are positively supported and having fun! Since those humble beginnings we’ve grown to offer many programs and camps at 2 locations in Parker and now employ nearly 50 amazing staff members… all dedicated to the health and positive development of children.

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Quality Instruction. Life Skills. Real Results.

We love Momentum! Both of my daughters are in their All Star cheer program. The coaches are caring while also leading their athletes to progress in their skills. I have seen my daughters’ confidence grow exponentially. If you’re looking for a gym that makes you feel like family, this is it.

Missy Crabbe
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