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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Parker Parks and Recreation Partners with Momentum Athletic Center to Expand Gymnastics, Cheer, and Ninja Classes

PARKER, CO – Parker Parks and Recreation is delighted to share news of its partnership with Momentum Athletic Center. The collaboration will bring high-quality gymnastics, cheer, and ninja classes to the local community, and marks a significant milestone in Parker Parks and Recreation’s ongoing efforts to expand its programs and meet the growing needs of the community. The partnership is sure to be a great success, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the community.

The new classes will be open to children ages 1 to 8 and will be held at the Parker Rec Center and Momentum Athletic Center’s cheer/ninja/parkour facility at 18499 Longs Way.

In these introductory classes, the skilled coaching team at Momentum Athletic Center will provide expert instruction to ensure that each child has a positive and enjoyable experience while exploring something new.

“We are excited to partner with Momentum Athletic Center to offer quality, beginning gymnastics, cheer, and ninja-parkour classes to our community,” said Diane, Director of Parker Parks and Recreation. “It has been a long-term goal of ours to expand our programs in this area to meet the growing needs of our community.”

Our gymnastics classes aim to spark your child’s passion for the sport by providing fun challenges and emphasizing flexibility, strength, and motor skills while exploring various apparatuses. Our goal is to establish strong foundational skills that will serve your child well in future gymnastics classes. Additionally, our Bitty and Teenie Cheer classes offer a fun and engaging introduction to cheerleading for children aged 2-4, with a focus on developing coordination, core strength, and stability. Mighty and Me and Mighty Ninja classes offer a curriculum that combines climbing, hanging, and safe falling, allowing young children to learn how to play and explore their surroundings in a safe and intentional way. These classes foster a sense of confidence and help children build a strong foundation of physical skills that will serve them well as they continue to grow and learn.

“We are excited to collaborate with Parker Parks and Recreation to provide these programs to the community,” said Kevin Warr, owner of Momentum Athletic Center. “Our coaches are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children to learn and develop and the partnership between Momentum Athletic Center and Parker Parks and Recreation is a wonderful opportunity to provide children with a supportive and engaging environment to learn and grow.”

Registration for the new programs is now open, and interested parents can visit the Parker Parks and Recreation website at to register for more information.

Contact: Diane Lange

Enrichment Coordinator

Parker Parks and Recreation

17301 Lincoln Avenue

Parker, CO 80134

(303) 805-3281

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