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Preschool gymnastics is an amazing way for kids to develop their physical abilities and fitness. One of the most exciting parts of preschool gymnastics is the vault “event”, where preschool gymnasts can showcase their strength, coordination, and balance by running, jumping, and landing on a springboard. In preschool, we use a smaller springboard but the concept is the same – train the brain and body and develop confidence and a love for gymnastics that will carry them through the event as they grow.

Here are the benefits of learning jumps on a springboard for preschool gymnastics:

  1. Develops Coordination and Balance Jumping on a springboard requires a lot of coordination and balance. Preschool gymnasts have to learn to control their body movements and line up with the springboard’s trajectory. As they progress, they will get better at timing their jumps, landings, and body position to achieve maximum height and distance.
  2. Increases Strength and Power Jumping on a springboard requires a lot of lower body strength and power. As preschool gymnasts learn to jump higher and further, they will build up strength in their legs and core. This will improve their physical fitness and athleticism overall.
  3. Enhances Confidence and Self-Esteem Learning to jump on a springboard can be a huge confidence boost for preschool gymnasts. As they improve their skills and see their progress, they will feel accomplished and proud of themselves, which will enhance their self-esteem.
  4. Develops Focus and Concentration Jumping on a springboard requires a lot of focus and concentration. Preschool gymnasts have to learn to ignore distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. This ability to concentrate will help them in all areas of their lives, from school to sports to everyday activities.
  5. Fosters a Love for Gymnastics Jumping on a springboard is a fun and exciting activity that can inspire a lifelong love for gymnastics. As preschool gymnasts master their jumps, they will become more enthusiastic and confident about the sport. This can lead to further participation and growth in gymnastics.

Learning jumps on a springboard can help preschool gymnasts develop coordination and balance, increase strength and power, enhance confidence and self-esteem, develop focus and concentration, and foster a love for gymnastics. By incorporating jumps on a springboard into preschool gymnastics training, coaches and parents can help their young athletes develop the skills they need to excel in gymnastics and in life.

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