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 Seth Colliver cheered for the University of Missouri for four years before teaching International Cheer in Korea, China, and Nigeria. A 10-year UCA staff alum. Seth is also the Events Manager for Momentum Athletic Center. His latest project, MyMomentum.Fit, an instructional app for cheer stunting and athletic training.

Workout Program

Cheer.Fit is a workout program specifically designed for cheerleaders by cheerleaders. This program is designed to build muscle in the legs, core and shoulders as well as create explosive power that is crucial in stunting and tumbling, all while maintaining flexibility. Alongside the explosive workouts, there are also cheer dance style workouts that will help with stamina, routine counting, and proper motion placement. This workout is perfect for any athlete wanting to become a better tumbler, stunter, and all around cheerleader.

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Workout Program

Relive the glory days and get back in shape with our first Mom.Fit workout program. This program is a full body workout program that is designed to build strength, balance, and flexibility. The variety of yoga flow, bodyweight workouts, and cheer-dance style workouts will keep you engaged and excited about your daily workout. All workouts in this program are 30 minutes or shorter and can be done at home with no or minimal equipment. This is the perfect workout for the busy mom looking for a fun and exciting way to stay in shape.

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New Recruit.Fit
Workout Program

NewRecruit.Fit is a workout program designed for people who are trying to get back into fitness after a long hiatus or people who have never dabbled in workout out before. This program starts out at a lower level of intensity and slowly builds as participants get more comfortable and become stronger. There is a strong focus on flexibility, strength building, and cardiovascular training in this program. This is the perfect program for anyone looking to enhance their overall fitness and health.

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We love Momentum! Both of my daughters are in their All Star cheer program. The coaches are caring while also leading their athletes to progress in their skills. I have seen my daughters’ confidence grow exponentially. If you’re looking for a gym that makes you feel like family, this is it.

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