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Our objective is to provide the best all-around training in the cheerleading industry. We have shaped our instruction based on healthy progression and skilled coaching, while instilling values and character qualities to last a lifetime.

Momentum All-Stars

13-Time National Champions

We are a Divisional 2 program based in Parker, CO.

If you are currently looking to join a program, or are thinking ahead to next season, please take a minute to read over our tryout packet.

All information regarding our current program can be found here.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the gym.

Mojo Cheer gym: 10831 S Crossroads Dr Parker, CO 80134

Tryout Information

Prep Tryout Informational Meeting: Friday, July 16th @ 6:45 pm

Tryout Dates

  • August 21, 2021
  • 10 & under 1:00 – 2:30 pm
  • 11 & up 3:00 – 4:30 pm

What to wear?

  • Black top (tshirt, athletic tank top or sports bra)
  • Black bottoms (leggings or spandex)
  • Bow of choice
  • Cheer Shoes

What to bring?

  • Completed tryout form
  • Current photo of athlete
  • Signed commitment and policy form


  • We will select four athletes per team to serve as alternates. This is subject to change. This is to ensure all athletes are performing to the highest level, as well as provide insurance (injuries, emergencies, etc).
  • Alternates will not pay any competition fees unless placed to compete.

What is the Prep Program?

Our USASF competitive Prep program is for athletes who would like to compete with less of a commitment. Our Prep program can also be known as a “half year program.”

  • Season runs September through April
  • Commitment is 2x per week
  • Four in state competitions along the front range
  • Prerequisite for Prep program is back bend and cartwheel

What level is my athlete?

All athletes are required to meet minimum requirements and complete the interview process.




Backbend & Cartwheel
Front Walkover + Double Back Walkover
Standing BHS + Running BHS
Running Pass BHS + Back Walkover BHS
Round Off + BH Tuck + Jump Double BHS
Front Walkover Tuck + Three BHS
Round Off BH Layout + Standing BH Tuck
Triple Jump BHS Tuck + Front Walkover Layout
Jump Tuck Combo + Found Off BHS Full + Standing BHS Layout
Front Walkover Full + Standing Pass + Layout

The Momentum All-Stars program follows USASF age grids for the 2021/22 season. Note the minimum and maximum ages for each level.

How do you determine team levels

Coaches will take the average of skills shown at tryouts to determine team levels. Placements are based upon age and skill.

Where are tryouts held?

Mojo Cheer gym: 10831 S Crossroads Dr Parker, CO 80134

What does my athlete need to prepare prior to tryouts?

Elite athletes will need to come in with:

  1. Tryout form and headshot (unless turned in prior)
  2. A triple jump combination of their choice (one must be a toe touch)
  3. Their best standing tumbling pass
  4. Their best running tumbling pass

What will my athlete perform during the tryouts?

  1. Triple jump combo
  2. Best standing tumbling pass
  3. Best running tumbling pass
  4. 2-eight count dance that will be taught day of
  5. Stunts to various levels


  • One 2 hour team practice per week (Friday or Saturday)
  • One tumble class per week. This can be scheduled at your discretion. Class not included in tuition. Team discount given.
  • Practices will be closed to in person viewing. Please refer to SpotTV to view practices throughout the season.


  • If your athlete is given a yer position on our elite teams, they will be automatically enrolled in a pre-practice yer class. This will be held the 30 minutes prior to practice and will begin immediately with the start of the season. Flyer tuition will increase by $25.


  • Four – Five local events along the front range
  • One day events on Saturday or Sunday depending on Brand
  • Tentative competition schedule released at tryouts
  • Final competition schedule released in September
  • Athletes must be at all competitions if rostered. No exceptions.

Important Dates

  • Tryouts → August 21, 2021
  • Team Placements Released → August 27, 2021
  • Practices begin → September 1, 2021
  • Thanksgiving Break → November 24-28, 2021
  • Christmas Break → December 23, 2021 – January 2, 2022

Financial Commitment

  • Tryout Fee: $25
  • Monthly Tuition: $125-$145 + tumble class
  • COMAC Fees: Approx $700
  • COMAC fees include uniform, competition fees, practice wear, routine music, choreography fee, coaches fees, and any extras needed throughout the season. COMAC fees can be paid in full or on a monthly basis.
  • All scheduled closures, extra practices, breaks, etc. are prorated into monthly tuition costs
  • There is a zero tolerance policy for late payments.
  • Tuition is due all 8 months of the season.



Teams become great by working together. All practices are considered mandatory. Absences excused the week of Fall and Spring Break. No absences permitted in weeks prior or following.

Other permitted absences are as follows:

  1. Sickness – Flu like symptoms or COVID exposure/quarantine
  2. School Graded Event – Must submit documentation
  3. Family Emergency

MOJO Shark Weeks

The TWO weeks leading up to a competition are mandatory for rostered athletes. They are called MOJO SHARK WEEKS. Failure to comply may result in benching for competition.

Athlete Policy

We hold our athletes to high standards of excellence in and out of the gym. Athletes are expected to have the following:

  1. Appropriate social media
  2. Appropriate sportsmanship
  3. Appropriate school grades
  4. Appropriate attitude
  5. We reserve the right to place your athlete as an alternate or remove them from the team completely if inappropriate

What should my athlete wear?

  1. Black top (sports bra, athletic tank, or t-shirt)
  2. Black bottoms (nike pro or other spandex short)
  3. Bow of choice
  4. Cheer shoes

Will I be able to watch tryouts?

No, tryouts are closed to parent viewing.

What happens if my athlete does not make the team?

At Momentum we have a place for everyone. If it is not on one of our elite teams, your athlete will receive a prep tryout invitation or a developmental recommendation.

What happens if my athlete does make the team?

Welcome packets will be sent out to placed athletes. It will include practice information, a tentative competition schedule as well as our policies and procedures. The final page must be signed and brought to your athletes first practice in order to begin their season.

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Quality Instruction. Life Skills. Real Results.

We love Momentum! Both of my daughters are in their All Star cheer program. The coaches are caring while also leading their athletes to progress in their skills. I have seen my daughters’ confidence grow exponentially. If you’re looking for a gym that makes you feel like family, this is it.

Missy Crabbe
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CFHTT are so happy to share that momentumcheeruk Rise have been chosen as the Allstar team that will represent England in the Adaptive Abilities division at the ICU World Championships 2022!
We can't wait to watch their journey.

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To be trusted is the greatest compliment

#MomentumCheer #UKCheer #CFHTT

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Soooo excited for my 4th Season on Momentum RISE adaptive abilities! 🎉 🎊. New Season, New Team Mates, New Level! #riseup #ukcheer #paracheer #momentumcheer ...

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WOW! COVID style tryouts were a success! We are blown away by the amount of talent we saw today! Great job everyone! Be on the lookout for team announcements next Friday and have a wonderful Memorial Day! 💙🤍 #teammojo #season2 #momentumallstars #coloradocheer ...

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I'm incredibly honoured to be a speaker at the springcdt Coaches Conference this year!

There will be 7 specialists talking disability inclusive cheerleading all throughout Saturday! Are you signed up?! 👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💻

#WhereTheWorldGoesToLearn #springcon #2021 #VirtualTraining #DisabilityInclusion
For screen readers: graphic shows my headshot surrounded by pretty Spring graphics and their logo. The texts says Spring Speaker, 10/12 September, Where The World Comes To Learn, Antonia Graham, Momentum Cheer UK.

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THE WORD IS OUT! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2020-2021 ELITE ATHLETES! 💙🤍 #teammojo #youthforce #juniorvelocity #parkercolorado #momentumallstars ...

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We have our winners!! Congrats to you all and THANK YOU for participating in our 1st Costume Contest! Please contact Seth at seth@team-mojo to collect your prize!!

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2 DAYS UNTIL OUR ELITE TRYOUTS! 💙✨🤍 #teammojo #momentumallstars #parkercolordo #coloradocheer #nextseasonplease ...

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There’s NOTHING like learning a new skill. Those smiles! 😁🎉💪 Hands up who’ll be raring to go the minute we open the doors again! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋 As soon as we’re allowed, we’ll let you know! Hope you’re all staying safe! #getusbackinthegym #throwback #lockdown
For screen readers: video shows our senior 2.1 team, Turbo, learning a new pyramid transition. Three prep level flyers are connected with braced arms. The middle flyer is popped upwards, falls forwards and twists 180 to land on her back into some catchers who pop her back up as she turns back around to her original stunt position. There’s smiles all round when she lands back in prep.

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Quick Guide: What Does "Hit Zero" Mean In Cheerleading?

"A common saying in the cheerleading world is “Hit zero” and it’s especially used during the competition season. Do you want to know exactly what the term means?

“Hit zero” means a team executed a routine without any deductions at all. That means no stunts were dropped, no athlete messed up their tumbling, no safety rules were broken, and that no other deductions were given. Zero points were taken off the team’s score, resulting in a “hit zero”. Since hitting your routine without deductions increases your chances of placing higher or even winning a competition, it is something most strive for."

- TheCheerBuzz

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